Plasma Table:

· Messer Metalmaster Evolution HyDefinition 5 axis CNC plasma table

o Cutting Area: Width 10’-0” x Length 20’-0” sheets/plates

      o Min thickness: Gauge material Carbon Steel, Stainless and Aluminum

      o Max thickness: Carbon Steel Plate 2”, Stainless and Aluminum 1-1/2”

      o Controller: Hypertherm XPR300 X-Definition Plasma System with 2nd Generation True Hole 


      o Beveling: +/- 52 degrees torch tilt and Bevel Angle Change on the Fly capabilities

Plate Roll: 

· Davi Plate Roll 

o Rolling Capability:  

      o Max 1-1/4” thick Carbon steel plate x 144” wide. 

      o Stainless 

      o *Heavier plate can be rolled in narrower sections.


· S-FAB CDM 21-32 Miter Saw

 o Max Capacity at 0°                  

      o Round 22.0" Dia.

      o Flat      (H x W) 21.3 x 32.3"

      o Square 21.3" Dia.

      o Max Capacity at 30°                

      o Round 22.0" Dia.

      o Flat      (H x W) 21.3" x 27.8"

      o Square 21.3" Dia.

      o Max Capacity at 45°                

      o Round 21.7" Dia.

      o Flat      (H x W) 21.3" x 21.7"

      o Square 21.3" Dia.

      o Max Capacity at 60°                

      o Round 14.2" Dia.

      o Flat      (H x W) 21.3" x 14.2"

      o Square 14.2" Dia.

      o Max Capacity at -30°               

      o Round 22.0" Dia.

      o Flat      (H x W) 21.3" x 27.8"

      o Square 21.3"

      o Max Capacity at -45°   

      o Round 21.7" Dia.

      o Flat      (H x W) 21.3" x 21.7"

      o Square 21.3" Dia.

Equipment coming soon to our new Shop

Press Brake

Structural Roll

· Davi Model#: MCP 11

o 24 HP

      o Types of Material and Max Sizes: 

      o Flats - up to 1”x 8”

      o Rounds - up to 2-15/16” dia

      o Squares - up to 2-9/16”

      o Tees - up to 4”

      o Angles – up to 4”

      o Channels – up to 7” 

      o Round Tube – up to 5-9/16” dia

      o Square HSS Tube – up to 3-1/2” sq x 1/4w

      o Rectangle HSS Tube – up to 4-3/4” x 2” x 3/16w and Pipe

Please inquire for your specific needs/applications: Capabilities dependent on items such as - available tooling, radius/diameter desired, hard vs easy way forming.  

Robotic Profile Cutting Equip (Beam Line) 

· Inovatech SteelPRO 600/Lincoln PythonX SPG+

       Profile                               Minimum        Maximum

      o Beam (web height)     4”                    44”

      o Beam (flange height)  4”                    17”

      o HSS                              3”×3”               24”×20”

      o Channel (height)         3”                    18”

      o Channel (width)          1-1/4”              5”

      o Angle                           3”×3”               8”×8”

      o Flat Bar                       3-3/8”              13-3/4”

      o Tube/Pipe (O.D.)         3″                    18″ 

Standard Equipment / Available Options

 o High performance Fanuc® industrial robot (7 axes)

      o Hypertherm® XPR™ 300A plasma system

      o 65-foot infeed / outfeed conveyors (12,000 lbs. max.)

      o SteelPRO FullCircle™ 3D nesting/cutting/tracking software

      o Hypertherm True Hole® technology

      o SteelPRO pressure booster system (up to 235 PSI)

      o Infeed/outfeed material transfer system (12,000 lbs.)

      o Tube/Pipe cutting capability up to 18″ O.D.

      o SteelPRO dust collection system


L&L Fabrication is an ASME Coded vessel shop holding both U and R stamps. We offer ASME coded work built to spec, along with repairs and maintenance on used Treaters and Separators.

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