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Designed with quality, safety, cost, and delivery in mind.

Separation: Wellhead, Bulk, Test, Surge, VHLP, Heated Treaters, Knockouts, Sandtraps.

L&L has experience with all kinds of oilfield separation – from the ubiquitous HLP – High/Low Pressure used in the DJ, winterized treaters for the North, and bulk/test especially common in the South. Plenty of more specialized vessels as well such as surge, freewater knockouts, gunbarrels, oil polishers and oil skimmers. We have numerous existing designs which can be further customized for your exact needs with skids, controls, instrumentation, electrical wiring, insulation and enclosures.

Filtration: Gas Scrubbers,

Filter – Separators

On oilfield sites gas scrubbers can be used to filter out liquids as they continuously form throughout lines with pressure and temperature changes. We also fabricate coalescing filter separators with quick open closures for quick filter cartridge replacements as typically used in conjunction with compressors and midstream applications.

Process/Line Heaters

Standalone indirect line heaters help warm process streams to prevent freezing or flash off light hydrocarbons to reduce storage tank emissions. We also produce glycol trace heaters. Any size from a hundred thousand BTU’s per hour up to millions.

Gas Processing Unit (GPU)

The GPU is the standard separator package for gaseous wells and typically integrates a line heater and separator along with controls, valves and metering in a convenient fully enclosed skid package.