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ASME Fabrication: A Guide to Sustainable Practices in Fabrication

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has strict rules for making boilers, pressure vessels, and other necessary equipment. These ASME fabrication rules ensure the equipment is safe, reliable, and works well.

However, achieving these goals doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment! Because being eco-friendly is not just a trend; it's a necessity!

In this guide, we will discuss how manufacturers can use green ASME fabrication practices while meeting the standards and helping create a more sustainable future in manufacturing.

Eco-Friendly ASME Fabrication

Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which we can adopt green practices in steelwork fabrication:

1. Minimize Material Waste

One of the most significant environmental impacts of fabrication is material waste.  

Here are some ways in which we can minimize it:

Use Advanced Nesting Software


One way to reduce waste during metalworking is to use CAD software with nesting features to create cutting patterns. 

Invest in Inventory Management Systems


Set up a strong inventory management system to avoid having too much stock. Also, make sure you use the previously available material for steel fabrication before buying new items.


Make Use of Leftover Material

If possible, reuse leftover material for smaller projects or internal components instead of discarding leftover material after the metal fabrication process.

Go For Laser Cutting

Another way to reduce material waste and go green is to opt for laser cutting for sheet metal fabrication. Compared to traditional methods, like plasma cutting, it offers high precision and minimal material waste or kerf during cutting.

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2. Reduce Energy Consumption

ASME welding uses a lot of energy. Therefore, if you want to opt for green ASME fabrication practices, check out these tips for energy optimization:

Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

Invest in machines that use energy efficiently for operations, such as pressure vessel fabrication. Make use of equipment with adjustable speed settings, automatic shut-off functions, etc.

Invest in LED Lights 


Replace outdated incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems with LED alternatives. LED lights offer more efficiency and lower energy consumption. 

Equipment Maintenance

Regularly take care of your ASME fabrication equipment to keep it working well and to prevent energy waste caused by malfunctioning machines.

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3. Select Eco-Friendly Material

The materials you use for processes, such as ASME pressure vessel fabrication or ASME pipe welding, significantly affect the environment.

Here are some ways to help you opt for eco-friendly options:

Use Recycled Materials  


Whenever possible, use recycled metals for steelwork fabrication because producing new steel from recycled scraps uses 60% less energy compared to using new materials. This helps lower the environmental impact of mining.

Go For Locally-Sourced Materials 

If you want eco-friendly materials, a good idea is to go for locally sourced materials. This will not only reduce transportation costs but also lower your carbon footprint.

Use Sustainable Alternatives 

Lastly, try to invest in materials known for their sustainability, such as bioplastics or composites made from recycled materials. 

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4. Waste Management

Waste management is one of the most important factors in green ASME fabrication. Here’s how to go about it:

Recycle Scrap Metal

Set up a recycling program for scrap metal produced during metal fabrication. Contact metal recycling companies to ensure the waste is disposed of and reused correctly.

Dispose Of Hazardous Waste

Handle and dispose of any dangerous materials used during the sheet metal fabrication process correctly. Follow all regulations and work with certified waste disposal companies. 

If you’re looking for metal working near me to help go green with ASME fabrication, we suggest reaching out to us. 

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L&L Fabrication - ASME Fabricators Near Me

At L&L Fabrication, we know how important it is to be eco-friendly in the ASME fabrication industry. Our team of ASME certified welders and ASME pressure vessel manufacturers uses its skills to follow sustainable practices. 


With our ASME code welding combined with advanced software, we focus on energy-efficient technologies and find ways to reuse and recycle materials.


So, for metal fabrication near me, choose L&L Fabrication, your trusted partner committed to green ASME practices! 

General ASME Standards and Green Fabrication Resources


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